Vanilla Phirni Recipe or Rice pudding with Vanilla Flavor

Phirni with vanilla flavor using SPRIG Gourmet sugar
Phirni with Vanilla flavor


I am sharing the recipe of Phirni with vanilla flavor. Phirni is a rich, creamy dessert with dry fruits. Phirni tastes best when served chilled in a clay pot or container. The festival season has already begun and I am sure the preparation, shopping, cooking has already started. The best things about these festivals are lots of good food, family time together and a break from our busy schedule. In our culture, festivals are majorly associated with food, sweets, savory snacks especially for Diwali. I am always more excited for the Diwali festival because of the beautiful lights, decorative Rangolis, few crackers (of course), and sweets.

Rice Phirni with Vanilla using SPRIG sugar
Rice Phirni with Vanilla using SPRIG Demerara Sugar
SPRIG #gourmeteveryday

Traditional Indian sweets are hands down the best, but here I tried to give some twist to the Phirni recipe. In order, that there can be something new on the Diwali special menu. So, this time I gave a slight twist to this rice-based creamy pudding Phirni by giving it a mild flavor of vanilla and cranberries.  For the vanilla flavor, I used Demerara Sugar infused with Real Madagascar Vanilla. It is a different kind of sugar with natural, caramel-like flavor of the rich golden Demerara sugar crystals. Not only does it gives an amazing flavor, but nice color and also a pleasant vanilla aroma to the dish. SPRIG’s vanilla sugar is best for sprinkling on cookies or also for giving vanilla flavor to cakes, beverages or baked items.

SPRIG Sugar with infused vanilla
SPRIG Sugar with infused vanilla
SPRIG products
SPRIG products

I also used a pinch of freshly ground cardamom powder made from SPRIG’s green cardamom from Kerala. This is one of the best aromatic cardamoms that I have used. The aroma of cardamom remains in your hand, even by just holding it in your hand for a minute. I have used dried cranberries, it is optional you can add any berries or dry fruits of your choice.

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