Review: Biryani Guru, CBD Belapur

Weekends are mostly eat out day and a happy day for me as it mostly becomes a ” no cooking day”. I love exploring new restaurants in or near my area. This time, I was in search of some authentic Mughlai cuisines. So, my search began on Zomato, after checking out few outlets the name”Biryani Guru” caught my attention. After reading the reviews and checking out the menu, we decided to visit the place and give them a try. As they name was very catchy so my expectation from the place was already heightened. Well… “Biryani Guru” justifies the name or not will check out…

Ambiance: We reached this place around 8:30 pm. As expected, it was moderately crowded so we found a table for us easily. The outlet is of decent size with almost 8-9 tables. ( I guess) The decor of the place is retro style with Beatles and Harley Davidson logos. Lots of photo frames of musicians and artists. Overall, the it is decently placed but for me frankly speaking, this was a kind of mismatch. Call it old-fashioned styling sense but for me somehow a place serving Biryani and muglai dishes must be designed with some antique theme. But, anyways the food quality can overrule this easily.

Service: Service was quick and good after the staff attending us was replaced by another knowledgeable staff. The first person attending us was not very updated about the menu and the description of the items stated on the menu. As they have clearly stated that tandoori items take time to get cooked so be patient, so the wait for of 15 minutes approx.

Food: My main focus is always on food because I strongly believe that if food wins your heart you can ignore all the other drawbacks if you find any. So, below are the things we ordered for our meal:

Masala Chass: They have both the option of glass masala chass and bottle also. I had this bottle masala chass at Bhagat Tarachand for the first time and liked it and the design of the bottle too. At Biryani Guru, this was a complete hit. Perfectly thick and not too thin exactly as I like the. So, I would list it under “must have” category.

Chicken Lasooni Tikka: I love tikkas and I am a big fan of Chicken and Paneer tikka. So it, has to be on my order list. We ordered this Chicken Lasooni Tikka. The looks of the tikka were tempting. It was mildly spicy and flavorful. I like the fried garlic pieces which were sprinkled and gave the tikka extra garlicky punch which I liked. There was three variety of chutney provided so I enjoyed this with the green chutney and would recommend to trying this one.

Tandoori Chicken: Tandoori chicken is my another favorite. At most places I order this dish so how can I miss ordering it at “Biryani Guru”. Tandoori chicken was not up to my expectations. I had better and delicious Tandoori at many places than this one. Somehow the tandoori masala used lacked that “waooo” factor.

Chicken Tikka Dum Biryani: Okay, so this was the time for the “hero’s entry”.. as Biryani has to steal the show, after all, it’s the “Biryani Guru”. We ordered Chicken Tikka Dum Biryani which comes in a beautiful and eye-catching pot( I missed clicking the picture). Well, Biryani is something which I had at numerous places. But the first bite itself was a complete disappointment. The rice was over cooked and lacked that richness that the authentic biryani rice have. The goodness of the biryani is greatly decided by the quality and the perfectness with which the rice is cooked which lacked completely here. The masala in which the chicken pieces were cooked was decent nothing much to talk about. So, this actually spoiled the show.

I was totally in love with this mango chutney which was placed on my table and I was not able to stop myself from licking it 😛

So, this was my dinner experience at Biryani Guru. Some good some bad, overall a decent place.

I will not call this place a value for money as I felt the place is slightly overpriced.

 Will I go Again: Maybe Not.

Total Rating: 3.5/5

Enjoy !!

My opinion and words are not biased and the review is totally based on my experience at the restaurant. But rightly said, “Food is subjective and everyone has own taste” so kindly exercise your own discretion, with the understanding that this is reviewer’s personal opinion.

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