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I am Richa (formerly Amchi.foodie) the face behind Savory Tales. I am a food enthusiast living in Mumbai. An ex-banker by profession but the realization that this is not the place where I belong made me search for a platform to share my passion, creativity and the love for food which finally ended at Savory Tales.

Savory Tales is my space where I pen down easy, delicious, everyday recipes. Through my blog I want to make people realize that cooking is not a rocket-science and mouth-watering dishes can be made with basic ingredients as well.I am passionate about cooking and love playing with ingredients in kitchen. My cooking is all by self-learning. I like trying out new recipes which I find interesting. I always saw my mom cook in the kitchen, but learned it by myself with trial and error and my guru ” Google” 🙂 Savory Tales includes some simple and delicious recipes coming right from my kitchen which are easy to make and definitely worth a try.

Savory Tales is also a platform to share my reviews about the restaurant or product which I have tried, it can be from a small-scale restaurant to a fine-dine restaurant.

My dormant passion for photography got wings and now I passionately take pictures of food around me or cooked by me and post them on Instagram. I am learning about food photography and styling everyday.

Why Savory Tales? Because this blog brings you the relishing tales about the journey of this foodie.

This is in short about me, want to know more..Write to me 🙂 Will be happy to answer.

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