Chana Dal Fara /Gojha / Peetha – Steamed lentil stuffed dumplings

Chana Dal Fara

Chana Dal Fara is another popular dish of UP and Bihar. I posted the Kala Chana Ghugni recipe earlier and hope to post more regional cuisine recipes. Fara is also called gojha or peetha in different parts of the state. It is a gujiya shaped steamed lentil stuffed dumplings. There are two variations of fara or gojha, one is made with wheat flour and another one with rice flour. At my place, we prefer to make the wheat flour fara. We use soaked chana dal mixed with some spices as stuffing and stuff it in poori sized fara shells.

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Kala Chana Ghugni or Kala Chana Curry Recipe

Kala Chana Ghugni

Black chickpeas curry or kala chana masala is very popular in UP and Bihar by the name of “ghugni” yes, kale chana ki ghugni. Chana ghugni makes me nostalgic and reminds me of those special Sunday breakfasts when this spicy chana ghugni was served with piping hot puris. It even reminds of those small eateries located in the Varanasi’s lanes where they use to serve it with crispy kachoris. The “kachori galli” is certainly the “must visit” place when in Varanasi.
The best part about this curry is that, black chickpeas are “powerhouse of nutrients”, a good source of protein and fibers for the vegetarians. It is a spicy and flavorful curry where the masala envelops the black chickpeas. There are two versions of it which are usually cooked dry and gravy depending upon with what you plan to serve it . I am sharing the curry version here which goes very well with parathas, puris or rice and I will share the dry version too in coming days. I prefer not to tamper with the original recipe because nothing tastes like the authentic “chana ghugni”.

I would love to hear how you make this curry at your place and do share your feedback or suggestions in the comment section and yes, don’t forget to show your love if you liked the recipe.

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Moong Dal Bhajiya/Pakoras or Fritters

Its pouring in Mumbai and my cravings for garma- garam bhajiya with adrak wali chai was already on its peak when I decided to keep aside my healthy eating idea and decided to stuff myself with some crispy and piping hot bhajiyas or pakoras. I love and also miss all the varieties of pakoras be it moong dal, channa dal, potato or onion made by mom and how much I enjoyed it with the green, tamarind and tomato sauce too. Moong dal pakora being one of my favorite is also very popular in Mumbai and is easily available with any street-food vendor. I love the texture of moong dal bhajiya, this deep fried bhajiya is crispy from outside, soft and porous from inside.

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Spicy Chicken Wrap

I am a lover of wraps because I believe they are full filling and kind of complete meal in themselves. Making wraps have no fixed rules you can add as many veggies, sauces, cheese or meat to it to make it richer or healthier. These days I am exploring the healthier version of the food. Definitely, adding cheese, butter, mayo makes wraps and sandwiches yummy but what if we don’t add it…Well, you can still enjoy it. Find the simple and easy recipe to make the chicken wrap at home without much hassle.

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Sambar – Yummy and Healthy !

Sambar is one of the main items of South Indian cuisines. Sambar is served in various combinations with rice, idli, dosa, etc. I am a big sambhar lover and can have it as soup in my any meal. It is very nutritious as the pulses are loaded with lots of vegetables and at the same time it is tasty too. Lot of people make Sambar in different styles. You can adjust the consistency of Sambar as per your taste. I like the soupy one. I am sharing my version of Sambar, hope you will like it. And yes, feel free to get in touch if have any questions or suggestions.

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