A gift to myself – Insta Photo Book from PhotoJaanic

My Insta Photo Book from Photojaanic
My Insta Photo Book from Photojaanic

My journey as a food blogger started by writing reviews on Zomato and the social media exposure started by sharing pics on my Instagram handle @savorytales. Ever since then I am posting food pictures on my Instagram handle almost every single day. Instagram has become a very important and inseparable part of my food blogging journey. All bloggers can relate to it as how we all try to click the best pictures and post it on Instagram and share the creativity with the larger audience. Because it’s undoubtedly one of the best social media to showcase your work or skill. I recently came across the concept of Insta Photo Books, which is a great way of having a collection of your best Instagram pictures. Any kind of pictures be it food, travel, lifestyle or fashion related. So, without waiting for a minute I thought of gifting it to myself and also to cherish the memories, learning and the effort that goes into each picture before posting it on Instagram.

My Insta Photo Book from Photojaanic
My Insta Photo Book from Photojaanic

Why this Post?

The idea behind this blog post is to introduce you all to this concept of Insta Photo book. I got a lot of lovely messages from my  #instafamily  praising and asking about this photo book when I posted the Insta-story and picture of this book. I created and ordered this photo book from Photojaanic.com. This concept of the Insta Photo Book is relatively new and a few other websites like https://inkmat.com/ have these insta photo books. You can use this book as a portfolio of your work and or it’s a great way to preserve your memories. And personally, when I saw my pictures in this photo book it motivated me to click and style more beautiful pictures as I thought someday my pictures too might get featured on some magazine cover  (yes, yes! Daydreaming is allowed :P)

My Insta Photo Book from Photojaanic
My Insta Photo Book from Photojaanic

How I created my Insta Photo book:

It’s an easy-peasy process. Sign up on the website and select the Photobook. Hardcovers and Soft covers both options are available. I am a big time lover of the Hardcover and Matte finish look. So I opted for Hardcover 8*8 and in the image wrap option. In image wrap, the album cover is printed in a matte finish which is water and scratch resistant. The other option is of the dusk jacket which is a detachable cover sleeve that wraps around the cover of the photo book.

Design your book :

Select the theme which is basically different layouts. I opted for “design your own”. I enjoyed selecting the different styles on different pages, add text, backgrounds, clipart, borders and ya, go crazy! If you opt for any theme the pictures are automatically arranged. Connect your Instagram account and select the pictures from there. You can add more pages as per your need.

The next step is ordering the Insta Photo Book. They were prompt in shooting mail regarding the printing and the dispatch status update. They claim to make the delivery it in 3-5 business days, and I received it on the third day. I was excited to see those Insta images in print and was impressed with the final product and the quality. So, good job is done here by Photojaanic.com. Check out their website for more details.

My Insta Photo Book from Photojaanic
My Insta Photo Book from Photojaanic


Let me know if you guyz order Insta Photo book too by tagging me in your pictures on Instagram or Facebook.

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Vanilla Phirni Recipe or Rice pudding with Vanilla Flavor

Phirni with vanilla flavor using SPRIG Gourmet sugar
Phirni with Vanilla flavor


I am sharing the recipe of Phirni with vanilla flavor. Phirni is a rich, creamy dessert with dry fruits. Phirni tastes best when served chilled in a clay pot or container. The festival season has already begun and I am sure the preparation, shopping, cooking has already started. The best things about these festivals are lots of good food, family time together and a break from our busy schedule. In our culture, festivals are majorly associated with food, sweets, savory snacks especially for Diwali. I am always more excited for the Diwali festival because of the beautiful lights, decorative Rangolis, few crackers (of course), and sweets.

Rice Phirni with Vanilla using SPRIG sugar
Rice Phirni with Vanilla using SPRIG Demerara Sugar
SPRIG #gourmeteveryday

Traditional Indian sweets are hands down the best, but here I tried to give some twist to the Phirni recipe. In order, that there can be something new on the Diwali special menu. So, this time I gave a slight twist to this rice-based creamy pudding Phirni by giving it a mild flavor of vanilla and cranberries.  For the vanilla flavor, I used Demerara Sugar infused with Real Madagascar Vanilla. It is a different kind of sugar with natural, caramel-like flavor of the rich golden Demerara sugar crystals. Not only does it gives an amazing flavor, but nice color and also a pleasant vanilla aroma to the dish. SPRIG’s vanilla sugar is best for sprinkling on cookies or also for giving vanilla flavor to cakes, beverages or baked items.

SPRIG Sugar with infused vanilla
SPRIG Sugar with infused vanilla
SPRIG products
SPRIG products

I also used a pinch of freshly ground cardamom powder made from SPRIG’s green cardamom from Kerala. This is one of the best aromatic cardamoms that I have used. The aroma of cardamom remains in your hand, even by just holding it in your hand for a minute. I have used dried cranberries, it is optional you can add any berries or dry fruits of your choice.

You can order the Demerara Sugar infused with Real Madagascar Vanilla and Green Cardamom from Kerala – SPRIG from amazon. Link mentioned below:



Don’t forget to share the recipe and if you try out this recipe share it with me on Instagram or Facebook and don’t forget to tag me in the pictures.

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Review: 7th Heaven, Mumbai


My idea of spending Sunday varies, sometimes I am in the traveler’s  mood and sometimes I love lazing around at home. Such lazy Sunday becomes more special when a box full of happiness arrives at your place. By box full of happiness I mean a box full of tempting, beautiful looking pastries, cupcakes, brownie and savory treat like cheese croissant, veg coleslaw sandwich.


The good folks of 7th Heaven, which is one of the leading cake and dessert chain were courteous enough to send me some of their delicious bakery items. 7th Heaven has 17 branches all over Mumbai including Andheri-Lokhandwala, Nerul, Vile Parle, Malad, Goregaon and many other locations.

The box contained lots of toothsome items which were irresistible and made me finish the box the same day (before you raise your eyebrows, I shared it with family members too ;)) So let’s start

Rainbow Cupcake:  Starting with the most attractive Cupcake out of all. This one caught my attention as the bright colors looked so beautiful. The cupcake was super moist and really yummy. One of my favorite among the lot.

Red Velvet Cupcake: This bright red colored cupcake has always been my favorite and this was very spongy and moist. I wish the frosting was a little less sweet as I found it a bit sweet for my taste.

Choco Chip Brownie: This one was my another favorite among all the yummies. It was perfectly sweet, fudgy and dense and simply Wao !

Macaroons: Although I am not a big fan of Macaroon as I find them way too sweet for my taste. Yet, my family liked these macaroons which were of three different flavors.

img_2722 img_2718img_2737img_2731

Pineapple Pastry: I am a lover of simplicity and this pastry has always been my favorite.  Melt in mouth and so fresh that this pastry was liked by all.

Chocolate Truffle pastry: This one was of my personal interest as the chocolate lover in me was tempted much to try it out by the looks of it and this one didn’t disappoint this chocolate lover. For me,  a sweet is perfect if it is not too sweet and this one was chocolatey and perfectly sweet.

Croissant and Veg Coleslaw Sandwich: To be frank the croissant was average, but this sandwich was the winner.  I love coleslaw and this one was so creamy and tasty.

Choco Chip Mousse in Chocolate Cup: I would like to highly recommend this one if you love chocolate mousse. This looks so beautiful as it is served in a cup made up of chocolate, which indeed was yum and filled with smooth chocolate mousse.

img_2738 img_2735img_2727 img_2723

For more details check the link to read more about 7th Heaven.

My opinion and words are not biased and the review is totally based on my experience at the restaurant. But rightly said, “Food is subjective and everyone has own taste” so kindly exercise your own discretion, with the understanding that this is reviewer’s personal opinion.



7th Heaven Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Paneer Masala Using Tata Sampann Spices


Paneer is the first thing that comes to my mind when it is about making something special for the vegetarian guests. In some houses paneer dishes are exclusively made on arrival of guests or on some special occasion, but at my place, the scene is entirely different it is made at least twice a week because everyone in my family is paneer lover. I like to make paneer masala gravy with different variations sometimes matar paneer, only paneer or kadhai paneer and I am always in search of different and new paneer recipes. Paneer is a good source of protein for all the vegetarians, so if you are on a high-protein diet it is good to add this to your diet.

My mom makes delicious paneer gravy and there is something different about the spices she uses that I am yet to discover. I have asked her for the recipe multiple times, but still feel something is always missing, so I console myself saying it must be the mom’s touch, but the fact is it is the perfect balance of spices that she uses which I am yet to master. Spices are key to make awesome Indian dishes.

Yesterday I received Tata Sampann Masala box for review. A beautifully packed basket full of spices that included Punjabi Chole Masala, Dal Tadka Masala, Paneer Masala, Red Chilli powder and Turmeric Powder. My eyes were stuck to the Paneer Masala Packet. The most important thing for the goodness of the spices is the natural spice oil, which is the key to aromatic and flavorful spices and Tata Sampann ensures to retain the natural oil and select the spices from the best farms. The best thing I found about the Tata Sampann spices is the packaging as they provide separate pouches of the masala so that the freshness of the spices is retained even after the box is opened.



The moment I opened the Tata Sampann Paneer masala pouch it was very aromatic and I felt that this time I think I got the mom’s masala (finger’s crossed!) I used red chilli powder and turmeric powder too in the gravy. Red chilli powder actually added the required spiciness to the gravy which I find missing in other powders who give more of a red color than spiciness. The turmeric gave a rich yellow color to the gravy. The final paneer gravy tasted amazing, can’t say exactly like my mom’s paneer masala because it still lacked her touch, but yes, it was the nearest I could reach to her paneer gravy.


Try out this simple recipe and if you try it do share your feedback with me. Follow me on Instagram – @savorytales

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Product Review: Moving Meals – Heat2Eat

Recently, I was approached by Moving Meals- Heat 2 Eat to review their product i.e ready to eat meal kits. The ready to cook meal kits offered by different brands are easily available in the market and were not new to me. So, I presumed that this one will be no different. But, the Moving Meals – Heat2Eat have an extensive menu to choose from and comes in a very decent packaging, pricing and the best part is that you can get your own kitchen cooked food dehydrated and carry it along with you when you travel abroad and cannot have the restaurant food every day. They use “dehydration” technique to extract all moisture from the cooked food simply to increase the shelf life without adding any preservative or additives.

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