Product Review: Moving Meals – Heat2Eat

Recently, I was approached by Moving Meals- Heat 2 Eat to review their product i.e ready to eat meal kits. The ready to cook meal kits offered by different brands are easily available in the market and were not new to me. So, I presumed that this one will be no different. But, the Moving Meals – Heat2Eat have an extensive menu to choose from and comes in a very decent packaging, pricing and the best part is that you can get your own kitchen cooked food dehydrated and carry it along with you when you travel abroad and cannot have the restaurant food every day. They use “dehydration” technique to extract all moisture from the cooked food simply to increase the shelf life without adding any preservative or additives.

You can get food from your favorite restaurant also dehydrated and packed and carry it hassle free while you travel. It is very easy to cook and convenient to take along with you.

I made Moong Daal Sheera , Pav Bhaji and Poha from the meal kit which was sent to me and they all tasted good as fresh. Read more to find out how simple it is to use these meal kits.

Moong Daal Sheera:

The portion of water to be used is mentioned on the packet. Follow the three simple steps:

1.) Boil water in a Pan.

2.) Add the content of the packet of the boiling water.

3.) Mix well and cook for another 2 minutes.

4.) Moong Daal Sheera is ready to eat.

Similarly, I made Pav Bhaji and Poha using Moving Meals-Heat to Eat.

The taste was as good as fresh. So, next time when traveling you will not miss the home cooked food or your favorite cuisine from your favorite restaurant.

For more information visit their FB page: Moving Meals- Heat2Eat

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