Selfie Lovers here is something for you – Vivo V5 !

Which phone to buy among the mid-range Android market is a big question these days because the real competition persists there. While selecting a phone for my cousin, I was really confused as which is the main feature that I should be looking for -camera, battery life, sound, etc. Totally confused, I asked my cousin what is the main purpose of buying a new phone and he said “selfie”. Trust me, I gave a disgusting look to him, but I saw an ad on TV about selfie phone, then realized maybe this is the latest thing happening. The ad, which I saw was of Vivo V5  featuring Ranveer Singh. After that, I did some online research about this phone and was impressed by the features of this phone.

The V5 has impressive and stylish looks. The fingerprint reader on the front of the screen is really cool and the one on the V5 is fast and accurate. The 4GB RAM ensures that the phone is can comfortably perform multitasking where one uses the phone for browsing, social feeds, cab booking, emails, etc. The primary camera is of 13MP with LED flash which is fewer megapixels than the front camera is a lot more stable and takes good photos in well lit and pulls off the low light also decently. The battery life is also good as it lasts through the day. The device has a hybrid dual-SIM card slot which can be used for memory expansion up to 128GB.


V5 has the first ever 20 Megapixel front camera phone  with the flash which is called “moonlight flash” which is used for a good moonlight selfie. The Moonlight flash is basically a fill light which lets you adjust its intensity for better results. The front camera is the highlight and the USP of this phone. The 5.5 inch HD IPS display with good color saturation allows it to take bright, impressive and perfect selfies. The camera app is user-friendly with voice command for selfie camera.


So, all the selfie lovers out there here is a phone which can effortlessly help you get perfect selfies.

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Cold pasta vegetable salad recipe using Hung Curd/ Macaroni salad with Terra chips


What’s your favorite snacking option when out for a movie or long drive? I always grab a packet of potato chips whenever I am traveling or even at home to take care of my hunger pang. Definitely, it is not a suggested option but just because they come handy so I choose them. I keep trying new flavors and varieties of chips be it sweet potato, baked, cheese, spicy or any.

I got a chance to try out the three unique flavors of Terra Chips which was launched a few months back in India – Original, Mediterranean and Blues. Natural blue potato (Yes, natural blue potato!) actually exists I got to know for the first time, so I was super excited to try it. Original and Mediterranean chips are made from real whole exotic root vegetables like pale yellow-white yucca, the white with purple- brown lined taro, batata or Cuban sweet potato, parsnip, sweet potato and ruby dipped vegetables which have been infused with beetroot juice. Terra has given a new and interesting twist to snacking by introducing these real vegetable chips and made snacking healthy. In a packet, you get to try a variety of texture and flavors of these exotic real vegetable chips. They are so colorful, vibrant and crunchy that it’s difficult to keep your eyes and hands off them and you can easily munch the whole packet in one go.


My most favorite among all were the blue potato chips. I was totally in love with the color of this blue potato and the taste was unique and appealing. The Blues chips are prepared by a special frying process and as a result, they contain 40% lesser fat than normal potato chips. Terra Chips are available in all major gourmet stores like Nature’s Basket and online at, big basket,

You can read more about them here: Website:



I was looking out for an interesting way to serve my guests these special exotic chips so I decided to pair them up with a salad as it will add some crunch to the salad as well as surprise my guests. Since so much is talked about healthy snacking so I decided to make a Cold Macaroni vegetable salad and replaced mayo with hung curd and added the crunch with Terra vegetable chips. These chips not only added exotic flavor to the salad, but also made it look so attractive by their vibrant colors that the guests were totally in love with it. You can add them to any salad to make it look attractive and taste even better.



You can try out this simple salad and let me know your feedback and suggestions. Also check the recipe of Chicken Hung Curd Salad and Moong Dal Chaat.


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Paneer Masala Using Tata Sampann Spices


Paneer is the first thing that comes to my mind when it is about making something special for the vegetarian guests. In some houses paneer dishes are exclusively made on arrival of guests or on some special occasion, but at my place, the scene is entirely different it is made at least twice a week because everyone in my family is paneer lover. I like to make paneer masala gravy with different variations sometimes matar paneer, only paneer or kadhai paneer and I am always in search of different and new paneer recipes. Paneer is a good source of protein for all the vegetarians, so if you are on a high-protein diet it is good to add this to your diet.

My mom makes delicious paneer gravy and there is something different about the spices she uses that I am yet to discover. I have asked her for the recipe multiple times, but still feel something is always missing, so I console myself saying it must be the mom’s touch, but the fact is it is the perfect balance of spices that she uses which I am yet to master. Spices are key to make awesome Indian dishes.

Yesterday I received Tata Sampann Masala box for review. A beautifully packed basket full of spices that included Punjabi Chole Masala, Dal Tadka Masala, Paneer Masala, Red Chilli powder and Turmeric Powder. My eyes were stuck to the Paneer Masala Packet. The most important thing for the goodness of the spices is the natural spice oil, which is the key to aromatic and flavorful spices and Tata Sampann ensures to retain the natural oil and select the spices from the best farms. The best thing I found about the Tata Sampann spices is the packaging as they provide separate pouches of the masala so that the freshness of the spices is retained even after the box is opened.



The moment I opened the Tata Sampann Paneer masala pouch it was very aromatic and I felt that this time I think I got the mom’s masala (finger’s crossed!) I used red chilli powder and turmeric powder too in the gravy. Red chilli powder actually added the required spiciness to the gravy which I find missing in other powders who give more of a red color than spiciness. The turmeric gave a rich yellow color to the gravy. The final paneer gravy tasted amazing, can’t say exactly like my mom’s paneer masala because it still lacked her touch, but yes, it was the nearest I could reach to her paneer gravy.


Try out this simple recipe and if you try it do share your feedback with me. Follow me on Instagram – @savorytales

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Affimity: Interest-Specific Social Blogging


Today blogging has emerged as a strong and promising field. Bloggers are doing a great job and taking it to a different level altogether. To be successful in blogging writing quality content is the key but socializing and making your content reach wider and right audience is equally important. It is always good to connect with fellow blogger who share the same interest or non-bloggers who possess the same interest. Interacting with same -interest people not only helps in keeping yourself updated, but also helps in getting inspiration.

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Review : Holachef – Food Ordering App+Website


Hola Chef: Review


One week of eating out in a restaurant or eating your regular dabbas will make you look out for some change or explore more food options. Many online food chains have come up with such ideas of meal getting delivered at your workplace or home. Holachef is one such online food delivery service currently operating in Mumbai, Pune and have recently started delivering in Navi Mumbai too. They are offering a wide range of food menu for the busy working professionals. They have collaborated with many talented chefs, who design their dynamic menu which includes regional cuisines, international cuisines and last but not the least the Saffola fit foodie cuisines- a boon for all the healthy eaters.

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