Restaurant Review: Rockville Bar and Diner, CBD Belapur

Rockville Bar and Diner, CBD Belapur is one of the cool pubs in Belapur. My visit to this place happened when I was in search of a good place to celebrate my first anniversary. As usually, I was browsing Zomato to find the same. After reading good reviews about the place decided to make a visit. This review contains only a few pictures as the lighting of the place was not supporting it much.

Ambiance: I visited the place around 7 pm ( to avail the most out of the “Happy Hours” :P), so the place was empty. We decided to sit in the area near to the big screen. The have three sections I suppose, one was an open area near the bar, the second had a sitting area like normal restaurants and the third was a cozy area with a big screen. The ambiance was nice, dark with blue lightning. The music was at very less volume( as I guess there was no crowd at the moment), so we asked them to volume up the music which they did after asking for it twice, but the good part was it was not very loud so that you can’t even hear another person.

Rating : 4/5

Service: Service according to me was a bit slow. As we were sitting there for 10 minutes in the starting but no one came up to attend us. The staff who attended us was not very aware of there own menu and gave confused looks. Since, in the “Happy hours” they offer some complimentary drink to the ladies, therefore I was offered one but was told that I can’t share it with others ( some rules they have !). The waiter was literally keeping an eye on us till the time I didn’t finish the drink, which was a bit irritating but rules are rules and I guess he was just doing as instructed.

Rating: 3/5

Food: Ok, so the important part – “food”. We ordered a tandoori non-veg platter which had many variants of chicken tikka which was good, tasty and fulfilling. The next thing which we ordered was Chicken Amritsari in which they had stuffed minced chicken pieces in an Egg Omelette and that was served in tangy tomato gravy which was good to eat. The Rotis were warm and crisp. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Things I tried: Non-veg platter, Chicken Amritsari, Tandoori Roti, Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Will I visit again: Hmm, Not sure ( as there are many other pubs also in the area to would like to explore them first)

                         Noooo, I didn’t have it.. It is just a decor 😛

My opinion and words are not biased and the review is totally based on my experience at the restaurant. But rightly said, “Food is subjective and everyone has own taste” so kindly exercise your own discretion, with the understanding that this is reviewer’s personal opinion.

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