Review: Ahmed Bhai Bry and Dry, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

When craving for some authentic Tandoori Chicken and its weekend too so this combination definitely calls for eating out. Again, my Zomato app helped me out in searching some good restaurant serving some delicious tandoori chicken in Navi Mumbai. After exploring about this place Ahmed Bhai’s Bry and Dry in Nerul, the ambience and sitting arrangement with some good reviews about the food attracted me to visit the place.

Ambience: We reached the place around 8:30 pm. To my expectation, the waiting time as communicated to us was about 30 minutes which eventually became 40 minutes. The restaurant has two kind of sitting arrangement – one was Shamiyana and Dastarkhan arrangement while the other one was like an average restaurant with a normal sitting arrangement, of course, nothing much to talk about. We decided to opt for Dastarkhan and Shamiyana sitting arrangement. Shamiyana is more like a private cabin in which your dining space is seperated from others by nice curtains and it gives you an isolated space to dig and only enjoy your food without peeing into others orders and tables 😉 Dastarkhan was just like the traditional dining space where you sit on the ground (by ground I mean no chair or couch) and food is served on the table. The ambience was pretty good and different which I liked about this place.

Food: This meal has to be full of chicken dishes. So, we ordered Chicken Chilli Milli Tikka, Tandoori chicken and Chicken Dum Biryani followed by Kesar Pista Kulfi to mark the completion of the meal.

Chicken Chilli Milli : This tikka was spicy, nicely coated with spices and flavorful. Served with big dry red chilies coated with the same marination as those of chicken pieces. The tikka was topped up with some cream which added more flavors to it. Overall, the chicken tikka was succulent and delicious.

Chicken Leg Tandoori : My main focus about this dinner was on Tandoori Chicken definitely as this was one reason for visit, which didn’t impress me at all. The chicken pieces were nicely cooked and it was juicy but somehow the marination and the amount of oil in it didn’t work for me. So I would suggest to skip it.

Chicken Dum Biryani: Aromatic, perfectly cooked rice grains, nicely coated chicken pieces makes a biryani delicious and yes, it is what all I got in the Biryani served to us. They offer you an option to add more spicy rice if you want your biryani to be more masala-laden. Overall, I loved the Biryani served to us.

Kesar Pista Kulfi: I have a sweet tooth and believe the meal should end with a dessert. So, after so much of spicy food ordered this kulfi. I am very particular about the sweetness of the sweet dish….confused? Well, I mean excess amount of sweetness also spoils the dish. Therefore, this kulfi was perfectly sweet and we relished it completely.

Service: Service is something which they have an immense focus. Be it the manager or the person taking our orders. He was continuously apologizing us for the delay in getting seated or for the delay in order as the place was crowded being a weekend.

Overall, my experience at Ahmed Bhai’s Bry and Dry was good and I would recommend this place to experience the different sitting arrangement along with good food.

Total Rating: 4/5

My opinion and words are not biased and the review is totally based on my experience at the restaurant. But rightly said, “Food is subjective and everyone has own taste” so kindly exercise your own discretion, with the understanding that this is reviewer’s personal opinion.

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  1. Hi,Thank yo so much for the appreciation.Yes, the ambience is different and nice.

  2. Hurriedly scrolled through this blog post, mouth watery and drooling pics made my mouth water. Awesome pics and I guesss ambience is equally awesome.