Chicken Hung Curd Salad

Salads preparation are something which has “no fix rules” defined. Experimenting with the ingredients can create different, yet amazing salads recipes. Salad being an important part of the meal has gathered attentions these days as people becoming more health conscious ( including me, of course,:P). Routine food and salad can be boring, so you can always make changes and create delicious salads which you and your family can relish. The ‘hung curd’ is one of the best things I came across recently and I am totally in love with it. Hung curd is a great substitute for Mayo or any other creamy dressing. This hung curd chicken salad is a complete meal in itself. Loaded with protein, good fibers, and very less fat. There are no fixed ingredients for this salad, check your refrigerator and toss as many veggies as you want. The creamy texture of salad what we have in restaurants use Mayo which is definitely not healthy especially for weight watchers. So, this hung curd comes to rescue which allows you to have the desired creamy texture, the veggies give a crunch to it at the same time its healthy.

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Instant Khaman Dhokla- The Healthy Snack or Breakfast

Gujarati Instant Khaman Dhokla
Khaman Dhokla Recipe

Khaman Dhokla is one of my comfort snacks option. I can enjoy it in breakfast or as  evening snacks as well. The soft, fluffy and spongy texture wins my heart every time I have it. If you are looking out for some healthy and quick options to have you can definitely add it to the list as it is steamed, therefore, it is healthy and you can eliminate or modify the tempering as per your need. Even if you do not add oil or sugar water you can still enjoy it.

Gujarati Instant Khaman Dhokla Recipe
Khaman Dhokla Recipe

I like to have it with green coriander chutney along with a cup of tea. Sponginess is the main thing to make perfect dhoklas. Therefore, you should air the mixture well by mixing it before adding the fruit salt. If you try out this recipe do share your feedback or pics with me. Tag me in your Insta – savorytales, FB – savorytales or Twitter- savory_tales posts.

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Palak Paratha….Simple and Healthy !

Palak Paratha is an interesting options for those who don’t like to have spinach it in lunch or dinner or in any meal( like me..:p) I am always in search of some interesting recipes to make spinach worth eating. Here is one of such colorful paratha which I can have in any meal of the day. Spinach is very good for health as it is a rich source of Iron and it is always a good idea to incorporate it in your diet.

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