Cold pasta vegetable salad recipe using Hung Curd/ Macaroni salad with Terra chips


What’s your favorite snacking option when out for a movie or long drive? I always grab a packet of potato chips whenever I am traveling or even at home to take care of my hunger pang. Definitely, it is not a suggested option but just because they come handy so I choose them. I keep trying new flavors and varieties of chips be it sweet potato, baked, cheese, spicy or any.

I got a chance to try out the three unique flavors of Terra Chips which was launched a few months back in India – Original, Mediterranean and Blues. Natural blue potato (Yes, natural blue potato!) actually exists I got to know for the first time, so I was super excited to try it. Original and Mediterranean chips are made from real whole exotic root vegetables like pale yellow-white yucca, the white with purple- brown lined taro, batata or Cuban sweet potato, parsnip, sweet potato and ruby dipped vegetables which have been infused with beetroot juice. Terra has given a new and interesting twist to snacking by introducing these real vegetable chips and made snacking healthy. In a packet, you get to try a variety of texture and flavors of these exotic real vegetable chips. They are so colorful, vibrant and crunchy that it’s difficult to keep your eyes and hands off them and you can easily munch the whole packet in one go.


My most favorite among all were the blue potato chips. I was totally in love with the color of this blue potato and the taste was unique and appealing. The Blues chips are prepared by a special frying process and as a result, they contain 40% lesser fat than normal potato chips. Terra Chips are available in all major gourmet stores like Nature’s Basket and online at, big basket,

You can read more about them here: Website:



I was looking out for an interesting way to serve my guests these special exotic chips so I decided to pair them up with a salad as it will add some crunch to the salad as well as surprise my guests. Since so much is talked about healthy snacking so I decided to make a Cold Macaroni vegetable salad and replaced mayo with hung curd and added the crunch with Terra vegetable chips. These chips not only added exotic flavor to the salad, but also made it look so attractive by their vibrant colors that the guests were totally in love with it. You can add them to any salad to make it look attractive and taste even better.



You can try out this simple salad and let me know your feedback and suggestions. Also check the recipe of Chicken Hung Curd Salad and Moong Dal Chaat.


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Moong Dal Chaat

Snack time usually becomes the junk eating time. I personally crave for some chaat, samosa, fried food along with my evening tea. Having said that it’s definitely not a good idea to eat all these due to the obvious health reasons. I recently experimented with sprouted moong dal to prepare a chaat version of it which turned out to be really good and tasty. The green or sprouted Moong Dal provides the required protein nutrient and at the same time, it’s delicious too. Give it a try to this Moong Dal chaat and let me know how was it.

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Chicken Hung Curd Salad

Salads preparation are something which has “no fix rules” defined. Experimenting with the ingredients can create different, yet amazing salads recipes. Salad being an important part of the meal has gathered attentions these days as people becoming more health conscious ( including me, of course,:P). Routine food and salad can be boring, so you can always make changes and create delicious salads which you and your family can relish. The ‘hung curd’ is one of the best things I came across recently and I am totally in love with it. Hung curd is a great substitute for Mayo or any other creamy dressing. This hung curd chicken salad is a complete meal in itself. Loaded with protein, good fibers, and very less fat. There are no fixed ingredients for this salad, check your refrigerator and toss as many veggies as you want. The creamy texture of salad what we have in restaurants use Mayo which is definitely not healthy especially for weight watchers. So, this hung curd comes to rescue which allows you to have the desired creamy texture, the veggies give a crunch to it at the same time its healthy.

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